Social Ministries

The Franciscan Charism is very much rooted in the concerns of the society. St. Francis was very concerned about the poor and oppressed that is why he chose a life of total poverty. Being poor and with the poor is the brand mark of any Franciscan. From the very beginning of our presence in India, the friars were aware of this most important aspect of Franciscan life and trained the young candidates on this right path.

During the time of formation, the candidates are given the right orientation regarding the concerns of the society and they are given practical training in helping the poor and the needy. Social apostolate is not considered as an extra curriculum but an indispensable part of Franciscan Formation. The friars who have finished their formation are directed to different apostolates, but social concern is the apostolates of each friar. Besides, each friar has to find his own field of helping the poor and needy in the circumstances in which he finds himself.

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