Bala Yesu Boy’s Hostel

Our parish at Dondapudi in Andhra Pradesh is spread in vast areas with many villages far from the Parish Center. It is not possible for the villagers to come to the Parish Church every Sunday for the Holy Mass. We have station churches in almost all the villages. The children have no possibility for studies. Those children who are grown enough are sent to feed the cattle or work in the fields. We have opened a boy’s home to bring selected few boys and to educate them so that slowly they will be able to work for the family and provide what is necessary for them. There are around forty children in the hostel and we are providing them food, clothing and education. Caritas Antoniana has sponsored the building and we are requesting our benefactors around the world to contribute for the education of these boys.


Education Sponsorship

Education is one of the ways to alleviate ignorance and poverty. After making a careful study, we have found out that there are good number of students, who are very intelligent and capable, but unable to continue their studies due to economic problem. The family cannot afford to send them for higher studies, because of the high fees, expensive books etc. To help these students, we have started a sponsorship program under the auspices of Caritas Antoniana. Under this program, we are helping more than fifty students for higher studies like MBBS, Nursing, Computer Engineering and other areas. When they are employed, we request them to contribute from their salary to continue helping the like manner students. A number of students had started working in the country and abroad. Many of them are looking forward for a bright future in this life through our educational sponsorship program.