Tailoring & Kindergarten


Education is the only way to uplift the poor and eliminate poverty from the society. The small children had to walk long distances to go to school and therefore children did not get their basic education. We have started a Kindergarten, LKG and UKG for the children between 3-5 years old. They get two years of the basics of education from our kindergarten. At present, around fifty-five children are benefiting from this project.


Tailoring School

Self-employment was the motivation behind starting the tailoring school. Every year 25-30 girls are being trained in the basics of tailoring and a good number of them study also embroidery. Most of those women who studied tailoring do their work at home and some of them are employed in different tailoring centers. This is one of the ways the women can get a job and earn some money for the family. By stitching their own clothes and that of the family members they save a quite sum of money and reduce the expenses of the family budget. The economic level of the families nearby has slightly improved due to this job orientating facilities which women of that area make use.