Oxford Creativity High School

The Oxford Creativity High School is an attempt of Friars Minor Conventual at Mancherial, in the State of Telangana in Adhilabad District.And, to give a genuine and sincere education to the backward people of coal belt area. A pious religious man called Mr. Mathew ventured to give qualitative education to students deprived of good education established this school in May 1988. Later Mr. Mathew handed over this school to the Friars Minor Conventuals for better education and administration. The Conventuals took up this school in January 2011.

The School is having 1040 students, 37 Teachers and 9 non-teaching staff. The local people of this area are illiterate and many of them work in coalmines. Even though they are illiterate they have good concern about their children’s future. By taking up this school, it is our mission and vision to provide better education to the children who are coming from backward area. Students from 14 villages are coming to our School. Most of them live in small quarters where life situation is very poor and children do not have good atmosphere to study at home. The students remain in the School campus late in the evening and the staffs direct and look after them. At present, Fr. Joe Palukunnel is the administrator of the School and Fr. Jobin Eenthumkal assists him. We are not yet having a Friary and the Friars live in the house attached to the School. It is the filial house of St. Maximilian Franciscan Ashram, Christianpet, Andhra Pradesh.