St. Francis Parish

St. Francis Church at Nattakkal in the diocese of Tellicherrywas declared a parish 01 January 2003 and Fr. Manuel Manicompel was appointed as the first parish priest. The new Parish consisted of 108 families and is being carved out of the present parishes of Malom, Chully, Punnakunnu and Varakkad. This is our first parish in Kerala and the third of the Province after Dondapudi and Christianpet in Andhra Pradesh. Fr. Joseph Cilia, Provincial Custos on 03 July 2004, blessed the newly constructed Cemetery of the parish near the Ashram Church.


Parish Priests

2003  - 2003 Fr. Manuel Manicompel

2003 - 2006 Fr. John Vayalilkarottu

2006 - 2008 Fr. Roger Vazhappilly

2008 - 2011 Fr. Daniel Palattykoonathan

2011 - 2014 Fr. Mariadas Palatty

2014 - Fr. Alosius Polackal