The Franciscan Centre for Peace and Dialogue (FCPD) of the Conventual Friars of India was established on March 8, 1994 and inaugurated on September 1, 1994. As followers of St. Francis of Assisi (“Known and revered by many throughout the world as a symbol of Peace, Reconciliation and Brotherhood...” John Paul II), spirit and values that can be assimilated into the ordinary person’s daily life and situation.

we commit ourselves to be instruments of peace and walk alongside those “Persecuted for the sake of Justice…” (Mt.5:10).


1)To raise awareness and deepen the understanding of current issues of justice, peace, and safeguarding of creation

2)To promote and express solidarity with those who request help in situations of injustice

3) To promote and defend Human Life

4)To promote ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue


1)To conduct the ASSISI ANNUAL LECTURE in view of concretizing our positions on current social issues, justice, peace, and safeguarding of creation

2)To organize and present annually ‘THE SPIRIT OF ASSISI NATIONAL AWARD’: the purpose of the award is to give public recognition to persons or institutions working for inter-religious harmony, safeguarding of creation, peace, justice, and dignity of human life

3)To organize the SARVA MATHA SHANTHI GHOSH – All Religious Peace Festival in view of propagating the principles of the FCPD among the school students


The Spirit of Assisi National Award

The motivation for this Award comes from the “Spirit of Assisi” that entered the world on 27 October 1986, when the most notable representatives of many of today’s world religions joined Pope John Paul II at Assisi, the city of St. Francis, to pray together for peace. The “Spirit of Assisi” invites us to purify ourselves of prejudice, hatred, jealousy, and envy. It invites us to be workers for peace in thought and deed, with our minds and hearts turned toward the unity of the human family. This “Spirit” encourages us to follow the example of St. Francis who embraced the leper, made himself poor and minor, sent his friars to announce peace to the world, pacified the wolf of Gubbio, met the Sultan of Egypt, and sang the marvels of creation.

The Spirit of Assisi National Award is presented by the Franciscan Centre for Peace and Dialogue, which has its office at Assisi Shanthi Kendra, Karukutty, Kerala, India. The award gives public recognition and encouragement to any person or institution in India who contributes to peace, justice, ecology, ecumenism, inter-religious dialogue, and defence of human life. It consists of a memento, a citation, and 50,000 Rupees.

Sarva Matha Shanthi Ghosh

Sarva Matha Shanthi Ghosh is a programme conducted among schoolchildren up to higher secondary course, and includes competitions such as poem reciting, rhetoric, essay writing, etc. The competitions are conducted on selected themes, but mainly on peace and harmony among various religions. Thus, FCPD organizes Sarva Matha Shanthi Ghosh as one of its means to reach its objectives. Through this festival we connect various schools to one another – those run by Christians, Muslims, and Hindus, the three major religions in Kerala. The students and teachers of various schools spend a day together and become known to each other. This very act colours and wipes away doubts and misunderstandings about each other’s religion. Thus, this very simple activity is sufficient to create a sense of ‘belongingness’ among them, even though they practice different religions.

Assisi Annual Lecture

The FCPD organizes every year a lecture on the contemporary issues of the time. The focus of these lectures is to create awareness about problematic issues of society among the youth.

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