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Greyfriars Publications is an activity of our Province, promoting through various methods of mass media the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi and his message of universal brotherhood, peace, justice, safeguarding of creation, and defence of human life. The printing apostolate was on the mind of the Friars from the beginning of our presence in India. We were confirmed in this-

apostolate through the life and ministry of St. Maximillian Kolbe who once wrote: “we need to encircle the globe by words of life in printed form, so that the world may once again experience the joy of living.” In 1984 the Amalolbhava (Immaculate) magazine in the vernacular language of Malayalam was first published. In 1990 we began to publish the Seraphic Mottukal (Seraphic Buds), later changed to Fratres as an information bulletin about our mission. In 1992 the much-appreciated Franciscan magazine, Franciscan Documentation was started. Other than these magazines, Greyfriars Publications regularly publishes books. At present, 73 books have been published by Greyfriars Publications.

In 1993 we decided to organize all our publication under the Greyfriars Publications Trust. Under this trust there were above mentioned magazines Amalolbhava and Franciscan Documentation, the publication of the books, and the administration in India of the Messenger of St. Anthony, published from Padua, Italy.

This trust is governed by the Greyfriars Publications Board.


Amalolbhava, a Marian Franciscan monthly in Malayalam, is one of the media through which the Publication promotes its ideals. On November 5, 1984, the first copy of Amalolbhava was printed at Viany Printings, Ernakulam, the same press where St. Maximilian Kolbe had desired to print his Knight of Immaculate when he was at Ernakulam in 1932. Today it deals with current issues, contains regular columns on the Bible, and prints articles on various themes in Franciscanism and Mariology.

Messenger of St. Anthony

The Messenger of St. Anthony is an international magazine published by the Conventual friars in Padua. It is a full-colour, socio-religious magazine that spreads the Franciscan spirit and covers a wide range of themes and interests that may be of interest to the general public. The Province, in collaboration with the English edition of The Messenger of St. Anthony, has been authorized to circulate this magazine in India.

Publication of Books

Greyfriars Publications is a good means for our province to spread the Gospel. Publishing books based on Christian and Franciscan spirituality is one of its major goals. So far it has published 73 works by various eminent authors.

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