During this stage, the candidate is immersed in Franciscan community life. He is introduced to the Liturgy of Hours, attends daily Mass, deepens his own personal prayer, and continues to meet with a Spiritual Director. Candidates learn to be good stewards of the Friary by doing household and maintenance work. Keeping physically fit by working out or playing sports is encouraged. He is exposed to Franciscan traditions and studies the life of Saint Francis. It lasts for one year.


During the two years of Aspirancy, a candidate might do some college work or take pre-requisites for graduation. This is done while living in a community and deepening in the Franciscan way of life.


The one-year Pre-novitiate deepens the postulant's knowledge of the community and the community's knowledge of the candidate, including his social and family background, before going to the Novitiate. In this stage, formees come together from various states of India for a common pre-novitiate program.

God Dwells In Our Midst,
In The Blessed Sacrament
Of The Altar.

Above all the grace and the gifts that Christ gives to his beloved is that of overcoming self..


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