A Life of Faith and Action

Francis’ Early Life and Journey

• Born into a wealthy merchant family in 1182.
• Known for his charm, and leadership skills.
• Became a noble knight during the Assisi war on Perugia in1202.
• Captive in Perugia, after his release, he wandered aimlessly, seeking God’s guidance.

Francis’ Conversion and Journey

• Converted after 25 years of waiting, dedicating more time to prayer and contemplation in 1205.
• Met a leper, and saw it as a trial.
• Began preaching, urging people to return to God and obey the Church.
• Became a man of action, seeking approval for his brotherhood from Pope Innocent III in 1209.
• His brotherhood grew rapidly, reaching 5000 members in ten years and compelled to leave the hut in Rivotorto, the growing group moved to the Porziuncola in 1210.

Francis’ Final Years

• Felt suffering and humiliation, receiving the stigmata in 1224.
• Started to go blind due to years of poverty and wandering; during this time, he wrote the “Canticle of the Sun,” expressing his brotherhood with creation in 1225.
• Died on October 4, 1226, at age 44.
• Founded the Franciscan Order and is the patron saint of ecology.

God Dwells In Our Midst,
In The Blessed Sacrament
Of The Altar.

Above all the grace and the gifts that Christ gives to his beloved is that of overcoming self..


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